Craig Masten Artist Website
To the immediate left is a pen
and ink copy I made of a
self-portrait etching
Rembrandt made of himself in
1639, at the beginning of his
career.  Fittingly, it was my
first submission to the annual
Fakes and Forgeries show at
Spring Bull Gallery in
Newport.  The original etching
by Rembrandt is at the upper
far left, with a detail of that
same etching immediately
below.  Unfortunately, I didn't
have that image available to
me at the time I did my "fake,"
Mine was done from a
reproduction on the cover of
an old paperback biography of
Rembrandt. It's pictured in
color below. Copying artists
whose style you admire is an
excellent learning tool.  While
daunting and humbling, the
results are very useful in
developing technique.
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