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Allen Johnson's Figure Life Class
charcoal and watercolor on paper 21x28"
Allen Johnson, Posing for his Figure
Class, charcoal on paper 21x28"
Allen Johnson, Positioning the
Model, charcoal on paper 21x28"
Allen Johnson Instructing,
charcoal on paper 21x28"
These are drawings are of Allen
Johnson and his Figure/Life Class at
the Providence Art Club. Allen is no
longer with us in his own life,  but lives
on in all of the lives he touched. I have
always felt figure life drawing was a
fundamental to becoming a good artist,
and Allen was kind enough to welcome
me, always with word of appreciation
for my efforts. Others will keep the
tradition of figure classes going, but he
is irreplacable. His "mini-talks" on
anatomy and drawing reduced the
complexities with a generous dose of
humor. Who can forget his proposing
men as bow-legged carrots, and
women knock-kneed pears, or the
elegant philosophy that all creatures
have the same bones, just in different
Allen Johnson, Drawing the Figure,
charcoal on paper 21x18"
Allen Johnson Instructing at the Easel, watercolor,
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