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Casey Farm
watercolor  20x26" matted and framed

I usually don't have much luck with this
particular place, Casey Farm, a  vegetable
produce cooperative with an old colonial house
on the property. Most artists in the state love to
paint it, but for some reason the fields, barns
and even the old farmhouse don't cooperate
with my paintbrush. Inexplicably, certain venues
are like that. Regardless how picturesque, how
"paintable" to others, how much you may want
to paint them yourself, some subjects
disappoint. I've ended up with many crumpled
pieces of watercolor paper, smudged out oil
canvases, overworked and uninteresting
drawings trying to get decent results at that
farm. Nevertheless, persistance in art, as with
most things, eventually pays off. One fine
summer day I managed this successful large
watercolor, although my artistic license was
needed to change the white paint of the actual
building to a what I'll call an afternoon sunshine
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