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Coastline at Night
20x28" mattted and framed

This watercolor was accepted into a rather important 100th
annual exhibition of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts,
but with an interesting twist. I may share a smallclaim to
fame with the artist Georgia O'Keefe. To her amusement,
one of her paintings was hung upside down in a showing of
her work. The same thing happened to me with this painting
at the CAFA exhibition. I intended the scene as represented
to the above left, showing distant lights reflected into the
water. The painting, as exhibited, is below. It has what
appears to be tall skyscrapers on a far shore. Effective
either way, I guess, because the junor accepted the upside
down version. Of course, there's a saying that a good
painting should work compositionally in any direction.  I
guess I proved that point.
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