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Sledding in a Snowstorm
16x20" matted and framed

This watercolor is unusual for me in
several respects. I usually only work
plein air or in the studio from my own
photographs, but I loosly interpreted  
this one from a vintage 19th century
photograph found in an antique store.
Also, I painted it maybe twenty years
after I originally used the image for my
Christmas Card. Lastly, I don't typically
repeat myself in paintings, but here I
did several different sized original
watercolors of the same scene--this
being the largest--as well as a
monotype. I found it compelling, as
have others, perhaps because all of us
in our childhoods have ridden and
pulled our sleds through the snow on a
stormy day.  And perhaps too for that
reason people often tell me one or
another of the children remind them of
someone they know.  
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