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Yellow Pansys
11z14" matted and framed

I painted this little bunch of Pansys in
the border of a garden at the gazebo
in a park near Pawtuxet, Rhode Island.
A group of us had decided to paint
there, and I had better luck than some
of the others who were interrupted by  
a huge mowing machine cutting the
grass. Those in the way had to snatch
up their easels and paints to move
before being overrun by the non-art
appreciating town employee. Those of
us who paint outdoors have been
stung by bees, sunburned, had cars
park right in front of our view, been
startled by snakes, had our paintings
stepped upon by dogs, cats, and
various kinds of birds, had watercolors
enhanced by raindrops, paint boxes
fall into the bay, paintings blown away
by wind storms, but chased by a
mower was a new one. My spot by the
little pansys was, however, this time,
Copyright Craig Masten All Rights Reserved