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Portrait of my Wife Gail
Watercolor 14x18, matted and framed,
obviously nfs

This watercolor sketch of my wife, Gail
Armstrong, depicts a typical moment of
concentration while painting. She's focused
on the task at hand, looking back and forth
between subject and canvas to bring a
scene to life. Gail is a wonderful painter,
and inspires others by her person as well
as her work. A superb "colorist" she can
notice subtle hues in a New England foggy
morning where I see dismal grays. That
certainly says something about her
personality, though I hope not so much
about mine. She's also a terrific teacher in
every media--most recently giving
workshops on drawing and perspective,as
well as teaching classes on watercolors. I
could say much more, and certainly will.
There's currently also a sketch of her in
the drawings section of my gallery page.
Keep watching the website. She's my
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