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Blue Barn in a Snowstorm
oil  8x10"  and framed

I can't wait for the snow. We live in New
England, after all. Taking to the woods
on skis, or snowshoes, or hip deep
walking should be second nature to us.
In times gone by, a sleigh ride would
have carried us out of the woods and  
over the the fields to a farmhouse and
barn. The magic time in the middle of a
heavy snowfall is the mood this small
oil tries to capture. I hope you can
hear the soft swoosh of boots through
the snow, the feel of  snowflakes
melting on your face as they drift
hugely through the freezing air.
There's something sad and lovely both
about this old barn in the storm, late in
the day perhaps, braving winter once
Copyright Craig Masten All Rights Reserved