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Oid Barn in a Snowstorm
oil 8x10" framed

Specially priced for the Providence Art
Club Little Picture Show, this oil is part
of a barn series I've done this year. All
of them employ a blizzardy effect which
Indicates my intense desire for a good
old fashioned snowstorm. I'll admit it--I'm
a snow lover, and we don't get as much
of the white stuff in Rhode Island as I'd
like. On the occasion of this painting,
However, I've found a day when an old
barn in the west of little Rhody got
pummelled with a lovely snowfall.  Big fat
flakes falling and gathering in drifts over
the field stubble, into the trees, and
against the barn. For other of you snow
afficionados, I the scene is a welcome
Copyright Craig Masten All Rights Reserved