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Aegina Harbor at Sunset
oil 11x14" unframed

This little picture is a souvenir of a painting
trip to Greece. Some places we hear about
all our lives don't live up to expectations.
Greece does not disappoint. Everywhere we
went we could have stayed much longer, and
this was especially true of the Greek islands.
My painting here is of the ship we took to visit
Aegina Island. The day had been sunny and
warm with calm seas, but as the sun went
down, the waters suddenly began to churn.
By the time we boarded to return to the
mainland, high waves had our boat--and
many of the passengers--heaving into a
stormy darkness. We saw  why the
Mediterranean gained a reputation for
passenger delays, rough crossings, and
shipwrecks. Being tossed about in a fairly big
steel, motorized  ship, I could easily imagine
why Odysseus in his small wooden, sail
driven boat took years to return home from
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