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Birds Watching
watercolor 11x14" matted and framed

Haven't we all seen them doing just
this. We watch the sea gulls watching
us. If they could throw food at us, I'm
sure they would, and come to think of
it, they do manage every once in a
while to sling something our way from
above. I can't get enough of these
lovely creatures, the sight and sound
of which are part of a beach
experience. These guys were resting
their wings on the rocks off Brention
Point in Newport, Rhode Island. It's a
lovely streach of shoreline on the far
end of Newport. Just keep following the
Bellevue Avenue of famous Newport
Mansions all the way out of town and
the road will eventually turn to the
shoals of rock where you can while the
time away at the ocean watching the
gulls pose for you too.
Copyright Craig Masten All Rights Reserved