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Waterfire, Providence
watercolor  11x14"

A couple bought this painting at the
Providence Art Club "Little Picture
Show," an annual event. They said
they appreciated noctures, and
portraying nighttime, especially in
watercolor is not easy. I think my small
watercolor does a nice job of capturing
the drama of waterfire night in
Providence, Rhode Island. If you've
never been, it's worth the trip on
weekend nights during the late spring,
summer and fall. Lines of loating
bonfires are lit up and down the river
flowing through the city. Venetian style
gondolas and other tour boats offer
rides amidst the glowing flames melting
into the water. Hugh crowds line the
riverbands enjoying the sight.
Numerous street musicans, mimes, jazz
and dance bands perform. Riverfront
restaurants and outside food vendors
sell everything from Fried dough to
Dels Lemonade. And did I mention the
bonfire lighting parade? Well, you'll
just have to see for yourself, or if you
have, maybe moreso appreciate my
painting. I thank it's buyers again for
their support of the arts.
Copyright Craig Masten All Rights Reserved