Two Gulls
watercolor 20x26" matted and framed,  

I was with a group of plein air painters
at beautiful Brenton Point, Newport,
Rhode Island on a somewhat stormy
morning. As I unloaded my watercolor
materials, these two gulls landed very
close by.  Due to the weather, I wasn't
sure I'd have  time do any seascape, let
alone a portrait these birds, but the two
of them stayed perfectly still, as if
posing, long enough  to get a
likeness--though admittedly from the
feathery tail end.

Jazz at Chan's
relief print  8x10" image, 16x20"
matted and framed   $200.

This is an original,  limited edition print,
enhanced with pen and ink. First, the
drawing is etched into a printmaking
plate with a sharp grooved
woodworking tool. Then, the carved
plate is lightly inked all across its
surface.  Printmaking paper is placed  
over the inked plate and rubbed with
the heel of my hand to leave an
impression. The last step is to add pen
and ink over the white un-inked lines of
the print. A long and, I hope, not too
confusing explanation of how a
perfomance I saw at a jazz club and
restaurant well known in Rhode Island
became a  memory preserved.

Nude Facing Away
charcoal drawing   16x20" image,
26x20" matted and  framed   $200.

This charcoal drawing was done  
during a  figure/ life studio session. I
believe there is nothing better for
improving  art technique than drawing
the human body. To me it's the
measure of  draftsmanship. Our eyes
are far more forgiving about the shape
of a tree, or the height of a building, but  
cannot  easily ignore even slight
distortions of the body or head. If an
artist can accurately portray the human
figure, drawing everything else
becomes much easier. In this sketch
I've hedged my bets a bit by avoiding
this model's face and many parts of her
anatomy, but  by doing so, I hope I've
evoked a bit more mystery in what's
unseen. You be the judge.
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Mount Hope Bridge, Lifting Fog
oil 16x20" unframed $1200

When moving from the east bay of Rhode
Island onto Aquidneck Island and Newport, you
cross this  two lane suspension bridge. My
painting was done from the perspective of a
small grassy area near the massive, yet
somehow delicate metal pilings, with morning
fog just burning away in summer sunshine.
The bridge was built for another,less populous
age. Traffic now demands wider bridges with
more lanes. We'll never see such graceful
structures as the Mount Hope, its narrow high
towers, the old fashioned lamp lights, and a
ribbon-like roadway high over the water.  
Featured Picture
San Marco Square, Pen and Ink Drawing from my
sketchbook, 9x12"
This is a quick sketch I did while sittng at
a cafe in Saint Mark"s Square during a
vacation to Italy my wife and I took this
summer. It was our first time in that
country. As you can see, part of the
cathedral is wrapped for rennovation
work being done.  While asthetically not
so traditional, I like to draw places as
they are. I never leave out a telephone
pole in a landscape, for which the birds
are grateful. and it took so long for these
cathedrals to be built that I rather
suppose local residents have seen such
construction projects attached to their
landmarks more often than not. Recently I
told a couple of Venetian women visiting
Spring Bull Gallery how much I loved their
city, and promised I'd put some drawings
I made of the trip on this website. Here's
one. There's more in the Gallery section.  
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